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HHGS Rumor: Does Stevie J Pick Up Random Females With Promises of Stardom?

As with any rumor posted please understand that its just that! A RUMOR!!! Nothing more, nothing less. The same rules apply to any emails I receive so let's get on with our story.

I received an email from a woman who claims or "alleges" that Stevie J from Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" tried to holla at her via Instagram. Now while this accusation may be true, I will say this. If you have ever met Stevie J in person (and I have) then you would know a few things about him.

1. He's a charmer and 2. He's a woman lover. There's no if, ands, or buts when it comes to Stevie J. He is who he is. Take it or leave it, but please don't take him seriously girl!! His eyes are solely for Joseline Hernandez.

Now, check out the email and photo when you click on that "Read More" button below:

So I flew to Atlanta from Cali to visit my homegirl a few days ago. We went out the night I got there because it was a few people she wanted me to meet. I'm a music artist so we were basically networking, and of course as usual she put me on the spot and had me perform some of my music. It went very well and to make a long story short, while performing I saw my homegirl in the crowd talking to Stevie J.

I didn't even know he was thereb but by the time I was done doing my thang he was gone. At the end of the night when we got back to the house she told me he asked about me and she gave him my Instagram and this is the outcome. Yes I responded, but ya don't need to see all that. All I got to say is watch out Ms. Joseline Hernandez! PROMISE B MAE is in the building to kill, steal and destroy!!

Here's my thoughts!   If Stevie J is your in into this world of entertainment then please have a seat. Secondly, why drag Joseline Hernandez into this mess when it wasn't her bothering you? I'm convinced that chicks get off on trying to take someone else's man. Is it the thrill? Cuz it all seems lame in my book. Now what say you?


Brian Vh1info Nunez said...

AWWW u used HAVE A SEAT - VH1info

Anonymous said...

That bitch lying

Anonymous said...

Publicity stunt so she will be reconized