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Kay Foxx Gets Fired From Hot 97 & Jasfly Might Be Replacing Her!!!

What is this I hear? What are the streets saying this time around? Could it actually be true? Kay Foxx was fired from Hot 97?

Yes, this is what's happening in the world of radio this morning. Ebro did indeed fire Kay Foxx from the Hot 97 radio station yesterday and the news is spreading like wildfire this morning.

For starters, Kay Foxx and Ebro never seemed to get along and last I checked, arguing with your boss is not a good look. So for me, it was only a matter of time before the chick got canned. Now, if you think that's some gossip for those asses, here's the kicker......

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Word is Kay Foxx's replacement might very well be one of my cast mates from Vh1's "The Gossip Game". And could you guess who the candidate might be? My likely guess would be Jasfly because of her connections at the station, but information coming from AllHipHop.com are suggesting that it may very well be Ms. Drama.

Only time will tell, or maybe you'll get to see it on a new season of "The Gossip Game".


Anonymous said...

If this is true... this is bogus. But K Foxx don't need to be on that lame ass station anyway. She deserves better.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Ms. Drama!

jgraves58 said...

Viv, you need to find out why they canned her. That's what I wanna know.

Anonymous said...

They must have gotten tired of that ruff ass weave smh a disgrace

Anonymous said...

I never really liked K Foxx, but I hate to see anyone lose their job. However with that said they SHOULD hire Jasfly because she could bring some class to the show, but she would get tired of their @$$es quick, so I think Ms. Drama will give them the ratchetness they want and love (lol)