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Nikko Buys A REAL Rolex & Stevie J's BMW Gets Returned!!!!

Well, do I have a little tidbit of juicy gossip for you guys!!! And it has everything to do with Monday nights episode of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta".

On the last episode of #LHHA Nikko had gifted his girlfriend Mimi with a Rolex watch. Mimi really wasn't feeling the watch because hers wasn't as iced out as her mans. However, during a viewing party for Nikko's video, Stevie J showed up (because Mimi invited him) and told Mimi the Rolex watch she was sporting on her arm was a fake!!!

After playing Nikko (who was sitting right next to Mimi and Stevie J during the conversation) Stevie J gifted Mimi with a brand new BMW. But guess what the kicker is?

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Word is that beautiful BMW Stevie J gave to Mimi had to be returned right back to the auto dealer it came from the very next day!! ANDDDDD the Rolex watch Nikko gave to Mimi was indeed REAL!!!

In fact, on a new episode of "Kandi Koated Nights" both Nikko and Mimi Faust will be there to talk about the situation with their his and hers watches on, but don't tell them I told you!

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so much for being the "good guy" Stebie J... looks like nikko wasnt that bad after all

Anonymous said...

Mimi is the true definition of a buffoon! This Dummy isn't taking into consideration the effects her sex tape will have on her child later in life! Other kids can be pretty cruel...

Anonymous said...

Soooo true