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The Truth About Hot 97 & Kay Foxx

As we have all heard, Kay Foxx is no longer working at Hot 97. And although there were rumors that she was fired, Ebro and Peter Rosenberg (2 dweebs if you ask me) went ahead on air and said that Kay Foxx was NOT fired, but looking to move forward with her career in terms of being a correspondent for E and also a host for P. Diddy's new network, Revolt. And although the latter may very well be true, one thing still remains. Kay Foxx was INDEED FIRED!

According to my sources, its being "alleged" that Kay Foxx was fired from the radio station because she was not getting along with any of her co-hosts. Specifically Ebro. In any circumstance where someone is leaving on their own accord from a company (or radio station) there is such a thing as advance notice. At any point before the announcement that Kay Foxx was not returning to Hot 97 was there any sort of clue or word that she was leaving the station?

Usually, when a person is getting ready to leave such a prominent position they make folks aware of their impending departure. At least that would be the professional way of handling things right?

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Well, don't expect too much professionalism from the Hot 97 morning crew because they let me know via Twitter that they would not be replacing Kay Foxx with anyone from Vh1's "The Gossip Game". You can check out those tweets below:

All I'm saying is this.....believe none of what you hear and half of what you see! Now what say you?


Lisa Warner said...

This is bullshit

Anonymous said...

That's a lost for them,K Foxx can do better, Ebro wanna run the whole show by himself anyway, whos Rosenberg???