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Keke Palmer Graces "Fuzion" Magazine Cover

Keke Palmer was chosen as the cover star for the new issue of "Fuzion" magazine because of her dynamic talent that ranges from acting to singing and even comedy.

Keke let "Fuzion" magazine into her LA world where she’s been working on the highly anticipated VH-1 original movie based on the 90's legendary group TLC titled “CrazySexyCool” in her role as Chili. She also gave "Fuzion" the dish on her three year relationship and got honest about her transition from a child actress to an adult star.

Keke left us with this final piece of advice that we can’t help but a agree with......click on that "Read More" button below to find out what the advice was:

Keke's quote below:

I found that the more you stop thinking and just follow what you like and what you love…other people will catch on to it.

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