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Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Uncle, Kyle Young, Says Chili Was Kicked Out of TLC Because She Was Caught Giving Dallas Austin A Blowjob!!!

There is an interview floating around on the internet with Kyle Young, who is Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' uncle, claiming that the family of Lisa is not happy with the way she was being portrayed in the TLC biopic titled "CrazySexyCool" which aired on Vh1.

In fact, Kyle states that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was NOT a cryer, NEVER sad and was NEVER alone like it was portrayed in the movie.

Kyle gets a little more in depth and states that T-Boz nor Chili had the star power that his niece Lisa had and that the real reason Chili was kicked out of TLC was because she was caught in the studio giving Dallas Austin a blowjob!! Wowzers!!

Even more so, Kyle says Pebbles didn't kick Chili out of the group, but that Lisa and T-Boz kicked her out because of her whorish ways! Talk about going in huh?! And if that wasn't enough, Kyle confirms the rumors that Chili had an affair with L.A. Reid (who at the time was married to Pebbles)!!!!

Lawd!!! The can of worms this TLC movie has opened is crazy!!!

I guess we'll never really know, but in the meantime, check out the interview Kyle Young did when you click on that "Read More" button below:

What are your thoughts on the interview? I'll hold!


Anonymous said...

Wowzers is right! SMH....... So Chilli was indeed that fast girl that Pebbles was telling them not to be......

Anonymous said...

That's not true!!! Lies, all lies!

Anonymous said...

Damn!I knew Left Eye briefly and some of her inner circle. Her Uncle has spoken 100% truthfully.

Who knows why the other two group members chose not to tell the truth.

umme shariff said...

I love left eye, but she had a solo album, and it did poorly!! She was talented but they were better TOGETHER!! They all were equally talented, great for what they were, the best selling GIRL GROUP OF ALL TIME!!! Love THEM like crazy!!