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Who Is Alyxx Dione?

Earlier today, my Instagram timeline was set on fire with photos of a very attractive girl who goes by the name of Alyxx Dione who shares a striking resemblance to Ciara.....as seen in the photo above. And if you look quickly, you might also mistake Alyxx Dione for Beyonce. This girl is just that attractive.

Well, after some investigation, I found out that Alyxx Dione is part of a group called "Liv" that consists of two other members. The girls can blow, but I think what's really going to create the buzz for this group is the fact that ole girl above shares that striking resemblance to some of R&B's finest women.

Peep a couple more photos below:

Now peep a photo of the group and their cover of Drake's song titled "Hold On" when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Could they be the new TLC? I'll hold for your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

Ciara, yes. Beyonce, no. She's cute. No one can be the new TLC, but they might do aiight.