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It seems the entertainment industry is chocked full of idiots, assholes, and fronters... Yes it's most celebrities jobs to entertain us by being heroes, hoes, and villains. At some point though, you have to call individuals out on their bullshit shenanigans. That's what I intend to do. I'm not a bully, but I detest people who act ungrateful, crude, and/or down right dumb.

Thanks to our NYC Gossip Girl, Viv B, I'm hoping to wake some folks up and put others to sleep with my take on the happenings of the entertainment world. My segments will be labeled #FridayFuckery, and yes, all visitors are encouraged to participate. It's going to be a fun ride, but DO buckle up & keep all hands inside the vehicle! 

Blessings KW (Kae Dubb).

Let The Drama Begin: R&B Divas Starts Off With A Bang!!

TV One's "R&B Divas" is ready for their second season which airs tomorrow (May 1st) at 10pm and to say that the new season is going to start off with a bang is an understatement. For starters, Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert are still at each others necks and its becoming apparent that the two most likely will not be able to go on tour with each other.

The other members Monifah and Keke Wyatt would love to have all of the ladies go on tour, but with the brewing tension between Syleena and Nicci, no one's quite sure touring is the best thing to do.

So watch as all of the drama unfolds with this sneak peek trailer when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Kayden & I Visit Power 105 To Talk About Last Nights Episode of Vh1's "The Gossip Game"

Earlier this morning, my son Kayden and I stopped by Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" to talk about last nights episode of Vh1's "The Gossip Game". If you missed out on what happened, let's just say it wasn't too pretty when Stephen Steph Lova called out my childs sexuality in a derogatory way.

In essence, when I confronted Steph about what she said about my child, she didn't have an ounce of remorse and tried to act cocky. That is until I spit in her face! Nothing major happened as security came rushing in to stop what could've been a very bad ordeal for Steph, but just in case you missed the melee you can check it out below:

No one ever really heard Kayden's side of things so check out our interview on Power 105 from this morning when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Did Porsha & Kordell Stewart Fake Their Divorce?

Word on the internet curb, or shall I say MediaTakeOut.com is that Porsha and her "alleged" soon-to-be ex-husband, Kordell Stewart, faked their divorce!!! Now before we go and comment and judge, let's think about this for a moment.

One, let's consider the source and two, everything in this article is reported strictly as rumor and NOT fact....that is until proven otherwise. So on that note, let's just take a look at what MTO decided to put out there for the readers when you click on that "Read More" button below:


HHGS Exclusive: Wyclef & I Talk Gossip, Rumors & Being Gay In Hip Hop on "Gossip'n With VIV"

About a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of linking up with former Fugee member, Wyclef, to talk about a number of things ranging from his new mixtape "April Showers", to the gossip and rumors that have been spread about him, the infamous photo of him on a Ducatti in speedos, being gay in Hip Hop and much more.

I was originally supposed to put up our part 1 interview on April 22nd, but due to my hectic schedule, was unable to do that. However, I do have my part 1 interview available now where we talk about rumors, gossip, the masses loving him then hating him and being gay in Hip Hop all when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Lil Wayne Says He Has A Fiance

Story courtesy of GumBumper.com

During a preview trailer for MTV's "The Show With Vinny" which airs on Thursday, May 2nd, Lil Wayne was asked if he ate Italian food by Vinny's mom. Lil Wayne responds "My fiance is Italian". Hmmmm? Who knew Lil Wayne even had a girlfriend? I mean, I'm sure he has had his fair share of women from time to time, but a main squeeze?

Anywho, this leads me to wonder if the Italian woman Wayne speaks of was his last girlfriend, Dhea (who was Italian)? There were rumors that the two split up because Wayne didn't want her in the limelight, but she hasn't been in the limelight lately so could it be her he's speaking about?

Time will only tell....or maybe Vinny's new show will let us know, but in the meantime, check out the new trailer for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Chris Brown Might Not Like Drake, But He Loves Drake's Music!!

Earlier in the month, Chris Brown took a break from his hectic schedule and decided to chill out and have a good time at club "Stage 48" in New York City. The DJ who was spinning on the ones and two's for the evening put on Drake's joint "Started From The Bottom".

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Chris Brown probably got upset with the DJ right? Wrong!!! Chris Brown instead danced his ass off at the back of the club and continued to party like he didn't have a care in the world. Now how's that for growth?

Now check out the footage for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Nickie Boom Proclaims His Love For Me!!

I was sent this video from NickieBoom.com and thought it was absolutely hilarious and cute at the same damn time.

For those of you who may not be aware, Nickie Boom has a serious crush on me. He even had his mother (who was an absolute sweetheart) reach out to me to tell me that Nickie was a big fan of mine. She also wanted to know if there was any way I would speak to Nickie.

Of course, I said I would speak to him and our conversation was extremely entertaining!! After our conversation, however, Nickie Boom made a video about me and you can check out that video when you click on the "Read More" button below:

And Now The Video We've All Been Waiting For!!! Ray J - I Hit It First (Full Video)

With all of the hoopla Ray J has been stirring up over his new song "I Hit It First", he makes his grand debut in the form of a full length video.

From ball players who have a striking resemblance to Kris Humphries and the leading lady looking quite like Kim Kardashian, Ray J has stooped to an all time low with his new video "I Hit It First".

Making sure to tell the masses that this song had nothing to do with Kim Kardashian or Kanye West, Ray J's new video seems to tell a different story. Now, check it out for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Gossip Pic & Footage: Lil Kim Accompany's Rihanna On "Diamonds World Tour"

Could this be true? Could Lil Kim really be going on tour with Rihanna? Or was this just a visit during one of Rihanna's New Jersey stops?

Whatever the case is, Rihanna showed Lil Kim a lot of love while she was out in New Jersey performing on her "Diamonds World Tour". The two were spotted hugging it out backstage as shown in the photo above.

Now, check out the footage where Rihanna gives Lil Kim a big shout out when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Ray J Takes Shots At Kanye During Teaser of New Video "I Hit It First"

As everyone has heard, Ray J has put out a song entitled "I Hit It First" which is based off the fact that Ray J smashed Kim Kardashian wayyy before Kanye even touched her. Since the song was first released in early April, Ray J has tried to insult all of our intelligence by saying that the song was not about Kim Kardashian (yeah ok Ray).

I'm guessing after the new teaser for Ray J's upcoming video was released, we're supposed to keep believing Ray J's lies? Just keep your eye on the end of the trailer and check out the subliminal shot Ray J throws when you click on that "Read More" button below:


HHGS Rumor: Did Rihanna & J.R Smith Get It In Earlier This Week?

J.R Smith of the New York Knicks has been known to knock down a few chicks. He was linked to Joe Budden's girl, Tahiry, in which he tweeted out a picture of her booty in thongs in a hotel room and he was fined. He was also the subject of a few of K. Michelle's songs and had started smashing K. Michelle again until he dumped her on Twitter.

Now, another "alleged" ex may be back in the picture and that ex is Rihanna!!!

Click on that "Read More" button to read the rest:

Ciara Ain't Got Time For Rihanna

During a recent interview with MTV, Ciara was asked a number of questions about Rihanna and the "alleged" beef that's going on between them. Ciara's reply was pretty much this......she said just about all she was going to say about Rihanna and that Rihanna was definitely NOT a distraction to her and what she was trying to do.

However, the interviewer persisted with his questions and although Ciara had a smile on her face, you could tell that she wanted to scream out and say "Boy!! Would you just ask me about my music already!", but I digress.

Now, watch the interview for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Joseline Hernandez Breaks Up With Stevie J.......Again!

On a sneak peek trailer of Monday night's episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", Joseline Hernandez tells Stevie J that she is sick and tired of his baby mama drama! To put it plainly, Joseline says that she wants to continue to work with Stevie J, but as far as a relationship goes, she's done!

Stevie J being the player that he is, doesn't want to lose Joseline and risk her getting off of his bus does what only a man could do when caught in between a rock and a hard place.....and that is ask for some breakfast!! LOL!

Peep the trailer when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Exclusive: Kordell Stewart Is Trying To Leave Porsha With Nothing!!!

So one of my anonymous sources reached out to me the other day and told me that Porsha Stewart and her soon-to-be ex husband, Kordell Stewart, were in court on April 24th (just two days ago). As I'm sure you all know, Kordell has filed for a divorce from Porsha, but the real gag is Kordell wants to leave Porsha with absolutely nothing. And if you ask me (and I know that you haven't) that there is dead wrong!!

For starters, Kordell wanted this woman to be a housewife which means no work, just stay home and possibly have babies and keep him happy. From what I've seen on my television screen, that's exactly what Porsha was trying to do so I don't understand what the problem is here.

However, you can check out the information I received when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Are Rasheeda & Kirk Frost Headed For Divorce?

Word on the internet curb.....or shall I say MediaTakeOut.com is that "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast members Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are headed for a divorce!!

What would be the reason for these two to go their separate ways especially when Rasheeda is pregnant? Find out when you click on that "Read More" button below:


New Video: K. Michelle - I Just Wanna (F**ck & Not Fall In Love)

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast member, K. Michelle, is not only doing reality TV, but she's working on her music as well. She's also just released a new video titled "I Just Wanna" which is a song about her wanting to have relations with someone without having a relationship because she's not ready for it just yet.

Simply saying she just wants to f**k and not have it mean a thing is the premise of what the song is about and her leading man just might be able to help her out towards the end of the video. :-)

So get ready to check out K. Michelle's new video when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Ashanti Interviews Nelly About What He's Looking For In A Woman!!!!

Photo courtesy of EbenGregory.com

Well this has got to be awkward huh?

Nelly recently did an interview with "FUSE TV" where he was asked by Ashanti (his ex-girlfriend) about his music, how he has changed since he first started in the music business, his growth as an artist, his tattoo and what he looks for in a woman. YIKES!!!!

That last part was an eerily awkward moment for the two as they looked at each other from up to down and then burst out in laughter. Nelly then responded "Oh! That's where we're going?" and Ashanti replied "Yes".

The moment was definitely a priceless one, but extremely entertaining to the viewers who know their past. So get ready to check that out (around the 3:43 mark) when you click on that "Read More" button below:

They Say Diamond & Soulja Boy Are Back Together

When Diamond and Soulja Boy broke up and went about their separate ways, I have to say I was shocked. I was for sure these two were going to be as thick as thieves, but I was wrong because not too long before the announcement of their breakup, Soulja Boy was caught in some very incriminating photos with video vixen, Jenna Shea. If you don't remember those photos then refresh your memory by going (here).

Well, long gone are those days of Jenna Shea because the word according to RhymesWithSnitch.com is that the two (Diamond and Soulja Boy) are indeed back together. And this information, was of course, courtesy of the two's Instagram pages.

Check out what I mean when you click on that "Read More" button below:

A Fan Pays For Joe Budden & Tahiry's Dinner

I received a cute little email about Joe Budden and Tahiry and thought that my readers might enjoy it. I know I'm usually posting on "Gossip" and things of that nature, but every now and again I do like to post up some good items that don't necessarily have to do with "Gossip". So on that note, let's get into my email from Jason who happens to be a big fan of both Joe Budden and Tahiry.

Click on that "Read More" button below to read the rest:


Behind The Scenes: Benzino New Video For "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me"

Famed photographer, Derek Blanks, takes charge of Benzino's newest video for "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me" which features Bobby V. The new video will be featured on an upcoming episode of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", and with all the kissing that Benzino and Claudia Jordan do, I'm wondering how Karlie Redd is taking it all? Peep what I mean below:

Bobby V and Claudia Jordan are not the only ones featured in the new video as Cassie Davis from "House of Payne" plays a role in the video as well. Seems like this video was probably a mini-movie if you ask me!

So get ready to check out some behind the scenes footage from the video when you click on that "Read More" button below:

New Video: Ciara - Body Party

Ciara and Future are making their relationship more than official in Ciara's new video for "Body Party". In the new video, Ciara can be seen gyrating as Future looks on in anticipation of what's to come next.

There are some noticeable cameo appearances in the video as well from the likes of Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez,Trinidad James, Ludacris and Jazze Pha. The video was directed by X and it was an absolutely cute video that I'm sure you will all enjoy when you click on that "Read More" button below:


VIV's Weekly Recap & Interview w/Prime Time HD

My weeks have been non stop and I'm not complaining. I asked God for a blessing and he gave it to me. So in any event, I've been running around like a chicken without a head and I just wanted you guys to check out a few things I've done and have been working on.

For starters, I started my week off with WBLS then later on during the week had an interview with Wyclef and did an interview for ThisIs50.com and talked with Trinidad James whoo!

Then it was off to the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" premier party where I chilled with the likes of Ed Lover, Yandy Smith, Lore'l, Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and Mona Scott Young.

So check out this quick week end recap below:

Now, check out my interview with PrimeTimeHD.com when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Is Lil B Really Gay?

As with any rumor we receive here on HipHopGossipSite.com we'd like to stress the point that everything posted in this article is "alleged", "sourced" and strictly "hearsay". Nothing is fact until proven otherwise. So with that said, our disclaimer is as follows:

The views and opinions of the emailer are NOT the views and opinions of the NYC Gossip Girl or HipHopGossipSite.com!

So I received an email from a person who goes by the name of Negrito Graziano (He's the dude photo'd above alongside Lil B) claiming that he had some suspect messages from Lil B wanting to "allegedly" see him and have sex with him. Now, I get emails like this everyday, but the brother had screen shots of the messages which is why I've decided to even post this story.

Negrito Graziano's story when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Are Erica Dixon & Lil Scrappy Over?

Last week Thursday, I attended the premier party for Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta". Not every cast member was available to make it out, but K. Michelle, Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, Erica Dixon and Mimi Faust were on hand enjoying in the festivities.

During the Q&A portion of the party, Joseline was not in attendance and many said it was due to an argument she had with Stevie J. However, it wasn't Joseline's absence that had everybody mumbling. It was Erica Dixon!!

As we all saw on the reunion show of season 1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", Lil Scrappy proposed to his baby mama, Erica Dixon, and wanted to make things right with her. In the process, Lil Scrappy left Shay Johnson crying and upset and Erica ended up with a ring on her finger. However,.................click on that "Read More" button below to read the rest:

Charlamagne & Joseline Hernandez Go Toe To Toe On "The Breakfast Club"

My peoples Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne recently had Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez up at their radio show "The Breakfast Club" on Power 105. Immediately before the interview even got started, Charlamagne jumped right into his insults and called Joseline "Rihannaman" and that just set Joseline off and the two argued for about the first 5 minutes of the interview. Envy calmed the situation down and the interview ensued, but not without the drama in between.

Despite how it all went down, some really great questions were asked such as did Stevie, Joseline and Mimi have a threesome? Is Stevie J gay because Joseline called him one on Twitter? and soo much more!

So watch how it all unfolds when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Beyonce Gets Slapped & Hair Pulled!!!

During a recent Mrs. Carter world tour, Beyonce was making her way through a crowd of fans with her security guard in tow while fans slapped her, pulled her hair and just pushed her around like some type of rag doll. The incident took place in Serbia, and I'm not sure what made Beyonce think she could just walk through a crowd of crazy fans with just one guard with her, but she did it and kudos to her for the courageousness.

Hopefully, the end result was a superb show, but damn it if she wasn't bruised and battered at the end of it all!!

Now, check out the madness for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Gossip Pic: Joe Budden & Tahiry Are On Again?

Ever since (well for me) the 3rd episode of "Love & Hip Hop New York", everyone has been waiting for Joe Budden and Tahiry to resume their past relationship. Now that Kaylin has finally left Joe Budden, "allegedly" we knew it would not be long before we started seeing Tahiry and Joe together again.

And the photo above is a recent picture of the two together!

Click on that "Read More" button for the rest:


Gossip Pics: Kerry Rhodes In Some More Pics With His "Alleged" Male Lover

Lord have mercy!! They say what you do in the dark will eventually come to the light and celebrities are no exception to that rule! So when the rumors started going around about NFL player Kerry Rhodes being gay, he adamantly denied it even giving TMZ.com a statement stating that he was definitely NOT a gay man. And although there were a ton of pictures to prove Kerry Rhodes wrong, he still remained unwavered.

Now, however, there are even more pictures coming out with Kerry Rhodes and his "alleged" lover Mr. Russell "Hollywood" Simpson and BallerAlert.com has got all the scoop from Mr. Hollywood himself!! Check out an excerpt below:

On Whether He Personally Outed Kerry

"It was definitely [already] out just nobody was talking about it. The football players that played for Arizona have talked about it. It's been talked about. I'm not 'outing' Kerry, Kerry outed himself when he was asked a question and he responded. The people who are saying I'm outing him should be happy if you're a girl. If you run into him, now you know he likes boys so you won't be playing yourself. I'm helping you b**** at the end of the day, if you think about it. I'm not outing Kerry. I'm helping the little groupies standing outside the gate. Think about it, I wasn't the little girl standing outside the gate, I was the girl inside the gate, getting in the truck with him with my red bottoms on."

Now, check out the interview in its entirety when you click on that "Read More" button below:

New Music: Redman ft. Doitall & Mr. Cheeks - Hands Up

If you are an avid reader of this site, then you know that I am a true Hip Hop fan. I'm not one of these chicks who just hop on the train of who's the hottest at the moment because that just ain't me. So understand that when I got some new music in my email inbox from Redman, Doitall (from Lords of the Underground) and Mr. Cheeks (from Lost Boyz), I had to take a listen.

The new joint is titled "Hands Up" and uses a sample from Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs "I Gotta Have It". Only some real Hip Hop heads would know what I'm talking about. However, if you are not familiar, I will school you.

So get ready to check out the new joint as well as the old school joint when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Exclusive: Preview Viv's Interview With Wyclef!!

On Thursday (April 18th) yours truly got a chance to sit down with former "Refugee" member Wyclef to talk about everything from his new mixtape titled "April Showers", how he feels about gossip and rumors, the infamous photo of him sitting on a Ducatti in his speedos and reminiscing on a time when he was selling hair out of a beauty salon.

So get ready to take a glimpse of what's about to come on Monday (April 22nd) which is my part 1 interview with Wyclef when you click on that "Read More" button below:


HHGS Sneak Peek: The Gossip Game Episode 4

Just got my hands on a sneak peek preview of episode 4 of Vh1's "The Gossip Game". In the clip, I go and visit with Angela Yee at her house for some girl talk and to talk about a rumor I heard about Kay Foxx and Maino.

I can't give too much away, but I will tell you that this Monday nights episode of "The Gossip Game" is going to be very entertaining!!

So check out the sneak peek trailer for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

"Rich & Famous" Photoshoot On Vh1.com

As I'm sure you all know, my husband and I started a hat, t-shirt and varsity jacket line called "Rich & Famous". We've done a number of photoshoots, commercials and networking in regards to our brand that even some of your favorite celebrities have been seen and spotted with the hats on. My husband and I have been putting in that much work!

We even did a Vh1.com photoshoot for our brand which was not featured on episode 3 of "The Gossip Game", but not one to fret, I have the footage for you guys to enjoy when you click on that "Read More" button below:

K. Michelle READS Bossip.com The Riot Act During "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Premier

During last night's premier of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", a writer from Bossip.com came up to the microphone to ask K. Michelle a question....and to be honest, I couldn't even tell you what that question was because K. Michelle ripped the poor man a new asshole!!

Apparently, Bossip.com wrote a story about K. Michelle and cracked jokes about her and she was not too thrilled with their article. K. Michelle made sure to tell the writer/reporter that if and when she finds out who wrote that story about her she would be there to check them.

I absolutely loved K. Michelle's delivery because she was sincere and genuine with what she had to say. Not to mention, she's a friend in my head. Nevertheless, the reading was priceless and you can check it out for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Gossip Pic: Jay Z To Grace The Cover of "TIME" Magazine

"Put me anywhere on God's green earth I'll triple my worth

Jay Z once spat those lyrics and boy was he right on point! The 43 year old Brooklyn native graces the cover of "TIME" magazine as "The Most Influential Person In The World".

Check out what "TIME" magazine had to say about Jay and also find out if and where Beyonce appeared on the list when you click that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor : Rihanna Filming A Video For "Love & Affection" & Will Have A Love Scene With Future?

Man oh man! This Rihanna and Ciara Twitter spat doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

Ciara recently visited with Hot 97 in New York today and once again discussed her ongoing Twitter beef with Rihanna. She also discussed her current boo Future. To take a listen to that interview then go (here).

Well, lo and behold, I was speaking with one of my good friends who happens to be D.P. (Director Of Photography) on a lot of video projects and they told me that Rihanna has a video plan in the works for her single with Ciara's boyfriend for their song "Love & Affection".

Now the kicker is...........click on that "Read More" button below to find out:


Gossip Pics: Lore'l Listening Party For "Billboard Bytch"

All photos were courtesy of Angela Yee's Iphone! Love her!

This evening, rapstress Lore'l held a private listening session for her newest project titled "Billboard Bytch" at Natsumi in New York City. The event was sponsored by D'Usse, Malibu Red and Myx Moscato with a number of Vh1 talent showing up to show their support for Lore'ls latest endeavor.

From Yandy Smith, to Mimi Faust, to Erica Dixon, to Ramona Rizzo, to Angela Yee, just about anyone who was anyone on Vh1 was there to show Lore'l they were in the building. And of course you know Lore'l was dipped to the nines with both her hair and ensemble.

So get ready to check out more pictures from this evenings festivities when you click on that "Read More" button below:


President Obama Says He Ain't Got Time For Jay Z & Beyonce's Cuba Trip

President Barack Obama has been dealing with a lot of flack ever since Jay Z and Beyonce decided to visit Cuba. And Jay Z made it no easier for our President when he put out his track titled "Open Letter" saying that Obama told him to chill otherwise he was going to be impeached. That alone has put our President under the spotlight, but because our President handles all of the criticism with style and grace, Obama has decided to retaliate to all of the Jay Z questions.

So when Barack Obama was asked about Beyonce and Jay Z's trip to Cuba in a recent interview, he said the White House had better things to do with their time then to worry about them! But don't take my word for it and check it out for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

The Real Rick Ross Addresses Rapper Rick Ross' Date Rape Lyrics

Rapper Rick Ross created quite the controversy when his date rape lyrics caused him to lose his Reebok deal. Many wondered what Rick Ross was thinking when he put out that verse, but I know things sometimes happen.

Now, in an effort to save his name, the real Freeway Rick Ross has commented on the issue and says the rapper Rick Ross is dragging his name through the mud.

You can check out the real Freeway Rick Ross' statement about the rapper Rick Ross' date rape lyrics when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Is K. Michelle Getting Her Own Reality Show & Did Mimi Faust Pull A Kenya Moore?

Word on the internet curb or shall I say NoMercyForYourFaves.com is that K. Michelle has "allegedly" been stating in her performances that "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is not for her, but that she will be doing her very own reality show on Vh1.com.

You can check out the NoMercyForYourFaves.com story below:

If this news is true then congratulations are in order for K. Michelle!!

Now, in other "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" news, word on the internet curb is that Mimi Faust has pulled a Kenya Moore by.......click on that "Read More" button below to read the rest:

Gossip Pics: Rasheeda Shows Off Her Baby Bump, Shay Johnson's Face Is Fine & Stevie J Grabs A Handful of Mama Dee's Ass!!!

On Monday night, Mona Scott Young and her "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast held a press reception for their new season which airs on Vh1 on April 22nd at 8pm. Monami Entertainment and Myx Fusions gave over 300 Atlanta press and industry insiders a sneak preview of the season 2 premiere episode of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”.

Guests packed "Cream Ultra Lounge" to get a glimpse of the attending cast which included Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, Mimi Faust, Erica Dixon, Rasheeda Frost, Kirk Frost, Shay Johnson, Mama Dee, Benzino, and newcomers Traci Steele, Babey Drew and Che Mack. Mona Scott Young welcomed the crowd then added that season 2 is just as thrilling as the first one.  

Bossip.com's senior editor, Janee Bolden, moderated the cast Q&A while DJ Fadelf kept the crowd moving throughout the night. Additional guests included Shawty Lo, DJ Toomp, Adiz Bambi (Basketball Wives L.A.), Alexandra Dilworth (Bravo’s “Taking Atlanta”), Sincerely Ward (Bravo’s “Taking Atlanta”) and more.

Special thanks to Myx Fusions, Malibu Red and Ciroc and you can check out some more pictures from the event when you click on that "Read More" button below:


HHGS Exclusive: Jay Z ft. Common - Open Letter Part 2

Common Sense throws a hot verse on Jay Z's "Open Letter" and speaks on not being invited back to the White House, but says he is still riding with "The Obamas".

So get ready to check out the exclusive song when you click on that "Read More" button below:


Azealia Banks Exposes A$AP Rocky As A Down Low Brother

This is about to get ugly real fast.

Azealia Banks is known for drama, especially on Twitter, but she is taking it to another level. Azealia has been involved in a Twitter war of words with fellow Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky. Over the past few days,  and after releasing one pic of A$AP with a suspect looking dude before he got on, she has now released another pic of A$AP and another dude looking as though they were about to engage in a kiss.

That picture below:

Umm A$AP? You've got a lot of explaining to do!! But the story is not over! So check out the rest when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Kerry Rhodes Says He Is NOT Gay Despite Some Suspect Photos That Have Surfaced

Photos are courtesy of MediaTakeOut.com

NFL player, Kerry Rhodes, has been spotted all over the internet today thanks to some suspect photos MediaTakeOut.com has posted up. The photos are of Kerry Rhodes and one of his former assistants on vacation. The photos are very intimate for someone who doesn't consider themselves gay.

I, personally, am in love with the LGBT community because my 2nd child is part of the community. I know firsthand the types of scrutiny one goes through when dealing with their sexuality, so if Kerry Rhodes is gay or not is not my issue.

My only issue is that if Kerry Rhodes is indeed a homosexual man, then man up about it. Don't deny it! Be proud of who and what you are is the motto I live by.

Unfortunately though, that's exactly what Kerry Rhodes did!! He denied being gay and has issued a statement via TMZ.com when you click on that "Read More" button below: