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Kenya Moore Confirms Christopher Williams & Natalie Are NOT Married!!!

On Sunday nights episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", Cynthia Bailey decided to invite her friend Natalie to a trip all of the other ladies were going on (to a vineyard). Well, if you seen the episode like I saw the episode, then you saw that Kenya Moore came for Natalie and totally discredited the marriage that Natalie says she has with Christopher Williams. The argument then led to Natalie trying to come for Kandi and all hell broke loose!

Fast forward to the present, and Kenya is definitely adding insult to Natalie's injuries because Kenya just tweeted out an interview that Christopher Williams did back in June of last year where Christopher Williams was asked if he was married and he says "NO!" YIKES!!!

Now that's gotta hurt!! However, I'm sure for Kenya's sake she felt like she had to go there since everyone was trying to call her a liar. (Kanye shrug)

Peep Christopher Williams interview when you click on that "Read More" button below:

I wonder what Natalie has to say about all of this? What do you think?

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Real Entertainment News said...

You know these chicks on this show is shot out for real. Gotta love the the Ratchett stuff. Great post by the way Vivian.