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Wendy Williams Breaks Down About Her Son Not Liking Her

According to NoMercyForYourFaves.com, Wendy Williams recently had a breakdown on air while reporting about Madonna and her son. Unfortunately, the video footage is not available at this time, but the word is Wendy Williams was uncontrollable when telling the audience that her son didn't love her anymore. I'm not sure what made Wendy Williams want to reveal such an intimate detail about her personal, family life, but she did.

And just so you know, as mothers, our job is not to be our childs friend, but to be their parent. That means we have to do all we can for our children when it comes to protecting them, teaching them, nourishing them, making sure they are taken care of at all costs, but still have the time to let our children know when they're slipping. And in those times of telling our children that they are not doing what is right, they sometimes tend to hate us for the moment, or think they know everything and ignore us. That's just the life of a mother....it comes with the territory!

Peep what some folks on Twitter had to say about Wendy Williams breakdown when you click on that "Read More" button below:

I'm sure the video footage will be released shortly....so until then......feel free to leave your thoughts on the topic!


Real Entertainment News said...

Wow! This is soooooo sad

MzLadyJ Johnson said...

It's not sad... Wendy will be fine. Kids do this. And you know what they say about karma! How many families has she broken up and humiliated? She announced that method man's wife had cancer when they didn't want anyone to know. Kandi Burress and her family, and many others. I wish her the best still but we know who don't like ugly!

Ralph Meniel said...

She just going thru growing pains with teenage boy.. Your making bigger that it really is..