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Cassidy Tells An Untold Story About R. Kelly & Jay Z

A few weeks ago, Cassidy stopped by ThisIs50 Radio and gave us an exclusive story about an experience he had back in the day with R. Kelly and Jay Z.

While on tour for "The Best of Both Worlds", Cassidy recalls a time where he was going to perform his hit single "Hotel" with R. Kelly for the first time at Madison Square Garden. Although that collabo performance never took place, Cassidy explains why it didn't happen.......and it had to do with Ty Ty masing R. Kelly (remember that rumor?)

Anywho, watch as Cassidy tells us that R. Kelly and his crew seemed to be at a disadvantage and so him and his peoples loaned them their guns. However........Cassidy didn't know at the time that the beef R. Kelly was having was with Jay Z!!! That interview below: