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HHGS Rumor: Rapper Sean Paul Is Married But Remembering His Ex??

As you all know from my numerous "HHGS Rumors", I like to put out my disclaimers. So let's start this off right by saying that the information contained in this post is NOT true until proven otherwise.

This information was obtained by an anonymous source. Anything in this post is reported strictly as a rumor and NOT an actual fact. The views and opinions expressed in the email is NOT the views and opinions of Gossip Viv or HipHopGossipSite.com. Now, let's get on with our story below:

I received an email about rapper Sean Paul who was down with the group "Young Bloodz". The group had a couple of popular joints back in the day. One of those joints was called "Presidential" and my favorite was with Lil Jon titled "Damn". If you don't remember what I'm talking about, then check out the video for "Damn" below:

Well, someone reached out to me and told me that despite Sean Paul being a married man, he recently took to his Instagram page to show some love to his ex-girlfriend. He not only showed love to his ex, but when she responded back to him, he gave her his number!! Check out those screenshots below:

I had to erase the rest of Sean Paul's number because I know some chicks and even some dudes would end up calling this man! In the meantime, I'm wondering if Sean Paul is still married and if so, what does his wife think about all of this?

Sidebar: I'll tell you what I think!......Instagram is the devil!!!


Anonymous said...

@gossipviv you. Can still see his number in the second screenshot. Just FYI.

Coach Handbags said...

The dress came a little wrinkled, but there was plenty of time with me beforehand to deal with that. I couldn't wait to wear it in front of all my friends.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have an Atl exchange he has a JA exchange. His ex looks better than his wife, she is looking older than him now-a-days.