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Is Dawn The Booking Agent Behind Joseline's Cell Phone Being Hacked?

Twitter was on fire yesterday when Miss Joseline Hernandez' sent out a number of tweets that eluded to the fact that Stevie J was putting his hands on her. Now I've had the pleasure of meeting both Stevie J and Joseline and from what I can see, Stevie J doesn't seem like the backhand type, nor does Joseline look like the type of female to deal with that type of nonsense. However, stranger things have happened!

In any case, a number of suspect tweets popped up on Joseline's timeline and you can check them out for yourselves below:

Of course, Joseline's cell phone was stolen and hacked and then the drama ensued. However, I'm curious to find out if the booking agent (Dawn) that they fired was up to this? I'm just saying. It's a theory! Think about it!


Anonymous said...

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Meiqua Yushundra said...

I don't even see bruises though!!! Unless I missed something!

Uzo The Producer said...

lol this has got to be fake right?

Jaisy Bonie said...

I am usually more interested in positive gossip. I want to hear positive things most of the times, like the news of a celebrity's wedding or giving birth.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo...did you retire did Vh1 scare you off...wtf I loved this site smdh...do better Viv or at least post sumthin to let your supporters kno you goin thru it and will be bac. Smdh

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