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Waka Flocka's Side Chick Exposes His Creepin Ways

They say side chicks are winning, but is that really the case? I'm not so sure!

Do men cheat? All the time! It's in their nature, but do ALL men cheat? Hell nah!

When the men are men in the entertainment industry things can be a bit tricky. There is no shortage of women when it comes to men in this industry. But what most women have to ask themselves is this......are you willing to deal with the nonsense? If your answer is no, then a man in the industry is just not for you. And such may be the case when it comes to Waka Flocka who was recently signed on to "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" with his fiance, Tammy Rivera.

An angry side chick seeing Waka enjoy the company of his fiance got really upset and decided to out him for his doggish ways....as seen in one of the photos above. There are more photos and I'll show them to you in a bit, but here's my advice to these side chicks. Next time you want to out a ninja, make sure you have photos of him in the act! Pictures of dudes sleeping in the bed means nothing!

Now if you have photos of him tonguing you down, or his face is in your vaginal area giving you the business then post that because at that point can't nobody deny the facts. These sleeping in the bed pictures are wack.....just my opinion.

However, if you would like to see the other pictures of Waka, check them out below:

Oh! And don't think for a second that Tammy Rivera didn't respond because she did! Peep what she said below:


Anonymous said...

People please side chick bull shit there are names for every thing now sweetheart you where just a fuck and if he came back it just mean it was good so what did you win a' nigga that goin run back to his main chick cry sayin that bitch dont mean nothing to me cause I love lol niggas got jokes however in a week or two it will be another you so that means you just lost a payday kissin and tellin is never fun you could have been a high paid ho if u kept your mouth closed

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karmaisabadb**ch said...

they're all f**cked up in the head Mental illness is real. Women really have a long way to go . It's sick lots of women get off on hurting the other woman. And in the end he's not winning either. KARMA is a true b**ch that does not play.